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2 Pc Set Multi-Purpose Wetbags - Polka Dots

PHP 380.00

28 Customer Reviews

Keep it organized... keep it clean... keep it dry!

Our multi-purpose water-repellant wet bags are perfect for storing everything from swimwear to cloth nappies, to toys and your gym shoes. A clear window lets you instantly see contents, and you can even fold them when you're done! Comes in different designs .

Each set comes with 2 pieces : The larger one is 16" x 11.25" The smaller one is 11" x 8.75"

Bring them to the beach, a weekend trip to Grandmas, or the gym!

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Patty — Aug. 28, 2016 04:20:38 AM

Don't think about it get this, very cute and useful!

Tina — Aug. 28, 2016 01:46:16 AM

I highly recommend it it's not just for kids its for moms too- when I go to the gym

Judy — Aug. 27, 2016 12:55:29 PM

The fabric is thick and nice

Lisa — Aug. 26, 2016 03:08:10 AM

Pretty and good quality

Lisa — Aug. 26, 2016 02:16:23 AM

I have a few of these for my 2 kids. The see through design makes it easy for me to check what is inside

Joy — Aug. 23, 2016 07:45:30 AM

I bought for my kids stuff but now I also use it for when I go to the gym or when I go swimming. Very useful!

Tina — Aug. 22, 2016 01:08:47 AM

The material is nice and the 2 sizes are ok

Ana — Aug. 19, 2016 03:16:37 AM

When we go out, I always bring a few for my baby stuffs, it keeps dry

Tisha — Aug. 18, 2016 12:17:02 PM

I stock up on these and send to my family overseas as good pasalubong! they love it

Alisa — Aug. 18, 2016 07:56:32 AM

Got these as gifts for my relatives in the U.S. they are super happy

Lia — Aug. 18, 2016 04:16:29 AM

Keeps the use diapers separate from the clean clothes. I'm very picky about wetbags and this is one that I really recommend

Elen — Aug. 16, 2016 06:09:07 AM

The designs are very cute, I want to buy many but I tried one first and will buy more next time! Ok sya talaga

Gina — Aug. 16, 2016 06:00:03 AM

The bags are nicely designed and work well. I recommend!

Jen — Aug. 15, 2016 02:15:49 AM

Super cute sya talaga! I use them for nappies and I never leave home without them

Alisa — Aug. 15, 2016 02:10:38 AM

I have bought a few of these now because they are so useful and the see through makes it easy for me to find my items in the bag

Rachel — Aug. 13, 2016 08:48:01 AM

Nice design and quality

Jen — Aug. 12, 2016 01:26:00 AM

My son sweats a lot so we always change his clothes. This makes our diaper bag always dry without that kulob smell of wet clothes

Ana — Aug. 9, 2016 10:02:47 AM

Nice fabric and design. This is always in our diaper bag

Lara — Aug. 9, 2016 08:00:09 AM

I used it and it really is waterproof. Other ones I tried that are cheaper are not really wetbags! It was so annoying. I like this design it reminds me of skip hop

Tricia — Aug. 6, 2016 11:25:00 AM

Nice material and sturdy. I use it for my kids and sometimes for me too when I travel. Sana it came in more sizes!

Claire — Aug. 4, 2016 08:34:10 AM

It would have been great to get 3 sizes, but these 2 I can use for many things

Pat — Aug. 4, 2016 06:43:10 AM

It really keeps wet items safe. I hate it when the kulob smell is in my bag

Mia — Aug. 4, 2016 03:48:06 AM

I have owned a few for my 2 girls and these are one of the best. Good size sya and see through pa so I know which one is for the younger. Easy for me

Mia — Aug. 3, 2016 11:28:35 AM

These are better quality than the ones I used to get from the bazaars.

Cara — Aug. 3, 2016 02:32:43 AM

These are nicer than ones I got from another seller on Insta. This one, the colors and fabric are same as the photo so I will buy again from here

Jules — Aug. 2, 2016 02:56:20 AM

I got these as a gift and use the big ones for my flip flops for the gym shower. I highly recommend it

Pat — Aug. 2, 2016 02:51:10 AM

My kid is taking swimming lessons, we used to bring plastic bags from the grocery and sometimes it is so messy and smells awful! highly recommend this

Kristine — Aug. 1, 2016 06:11:09 AM

Get as much of these as you can, they are really worth it