EYECATCHER makes you the boss of your glasses


Luxilitarian Ltd. is a small design company that is passionate in creating products that enable us to travel lighter and in style.

Established in April 2013, by a sole-inventor/founder, Luxilitarian is now a 3-woman team of artists and engineers.

We collaborate with independent passionate 3rd party creatives both in Asia and Europe and manufacture our products only in communities that take pride in their industry. We do not seek out the cheapest far east source at all costs, but we choose to pay right to sustain a family’s decent way of living and on time, to help propagate a town’s industry.

Eyecatcher is manufactured in Marikina, Philippines - a beautiful river town of shoemakers. (It is also the place where the eyecatcher’s inventor was born.) This town, totally devastated a few years ago by a 20-foot flood is continuously taken advantaged of by powerful distribution conglomerates. Its industrious good-natured people, finds simple pleasure in flavourful food and playful banter (even though they swear, a lot). It is our hope to keep its shoe-making culture alive and sustain its good people with a decent quality of life.


We want to see our town flourish and we start by treating the eyecatcher makers fairly.

We give the necessary downpayment to buy the raw materials and pay on time upon delivery.
We give a fair price enough so everyone would earn- in fact, we try to pay the highest amount that we can afford and still be competitive.
We do not muck around paying for a Fairtrade seal (we think its marketing bullsh*t) but rather – we give that extra amount direct to the people whose hands make the Eyecatcher.

Ten percent (10% of our proceeds) are dedicated to a fund to help shoe and bag makers – whether it is to give a deserving child scholarship or an ailing shoemaker some hospitalization aid or legal aid to those who are in need of it.

We are from Marikina, proud to be part of this hardworking, fun loving, hearty eating people and committed to the welfare of the Marikina shoemaker.

EYECATCHER is and always will be MADE IN MARIKINA.